Microgaming Software Review for Beginners

Offering software for more than 100 casinos worldwide, Microgaming is certainly an industry leader that has mastered the art of customer service. There are plenty of penny slots, table games, card games and more that are designed to appeal to players of all ages, regardless of their income.

The Layout

The first thing that most players who are new to Microgaming will notice is the crisp graphics that are easy to distinguish and make navigating the websites themselves a snap. Though the graphics are not as fancy as some of the competitors', they are certainly very pleasing to the eye and their simplicity lends to the overall aesthetic feel of the casinos. This means that players will never have to look around too long for the correct link or button.

Speed and Accuracy

Players who have spent any time in online casinos likely understand the frustration that comes from clicking broken links or waiting for more than a few seconds for a particular page or game to load. While many people blame this on a slow internet connection, the software itself also has much to do with this. Thanks to Microgaming's Viper technology, each and every page loads quickly and broken links that occur only very rarely are quickly resolved.


There are only so many casino games to play, and though the offerings found in land-based casinos and some online venues are certainly limited, this is not the case with Microgaming. Regardless of a player's favorite casino game, they will likely find a brand new and appealing variation within the website's virtual walls. There are more than 100 variations of slots on offer at any given point in time, including the exclusive progressive jackpot slots that draw players from all four corners of the Earth for a chance to win big.

Players who are new to Microgaming will find the layout and design of the websites refreshing as they are not required to search for what they need. As time goes by, players can rest assured that Microgaming will continue to develop and offer more innovative gaming solutions than ever before.