Playing Pontoon Online: What to Focus On

Pontoon is considered a blackjack variant, though that isn't entirely accurate because blackjack was actually based on Pontoon. There are a number of rules that players should learn and focus on before playing.

So Many Cards

One rule that many people find odd is the fact that if the player manages to pull five cards without going bust, that hands beats everything except a natural 21. An 18 with five cards beats a 21 with three, and so on. If the player isn't dealt a natural 21 in the first round, he or she should focus on adding up as many points as possible. Because of this rule, the way a player handles his or her game is drastically influenced by the number of cards in his or her hand.

Double Now or Later?

Another rule in Pontoon that players do not experience in regular blackjack is that he or she can double at any time, but this can only be done once per hand. The trick is to figure out the best time to use this tool. Players shouldn't generally double with only two cards, but should always double with a soft hand and 4 cards because it creates a much higher chance for a win based on the aforementioned five card rule.

You Can Only View Your Cards

Unlike blackjack, the dealer in Pontoon does not show any cards. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Many blackjack strategies are based around what card the dealer has showing. The player does not have this advantage in Pontoon. Instead, he or she must focus strictly on their hand. This is a game of strategy as much as luck, and the player needs to apply this for any chance at winning.

This sounds like a simple game, but these three rules are enough to throw off any blackjack player who jumps in thinking that they know the game. The portal is highly innovative. It has a new set of games and promotions that have the potential to appeal to a mass player base. The website has made it easy to bet online with countless deposit methods.