Switch Debits Casinos

Those who are aware of the various modes and methods of online payments, especially in countries away from USA must certainly have come across the name Switch Debit Cards. This is a very popular and famous method of making online payment with the help of cards. This is a debit card which allows you to make payments for your online purchases of goods and services. While the seller gets is money immediately and your account also gets debited instantaneously, the details appear in your bank account after a couple of days. There are quite a few reasons why this mode of payment is very well accepted outside USA.

The reason why it is not accepted in USA is quite simple. Switch Debit Cards are only for non USA customers. Since many online casino players make payments through debit cards it is not at all surprising when we see many switch card casinos coming up on the internet. These casinos are the ones where the player can use Switch Debit Cards for making payments to his particular casino account. The only different between this particular debit card and the common credit card that you are all aware of is the fact that you can use this card at switch card casinos only when you have funds in your bank account. This is because your account gets debited immediately and the payment is made to such switch card casinos. Since with such debit cards you do not have a credit line, you cannot use it without having the required balance in your bank account.

Switch for a separate entity a few years back but now it is understood that they have merged their entire operations with MasterCard and are operating under the brand name Maestro, though the logo Switch still continues to be used. However this has in no way impacted the various switch card casinos who still continue to accept this debit card for settlement of payments by players.